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We are passionate about casino games. We embrace technology and create riveting casino adventure games online. Our founders have, collectively, over a hundred years of experience in the entertainment industry. Imagine how much more we have in players. We started our virtual gambling hall in 2016 to deliver adventure and treasures through gaming online. Welcome to Wunderino!

Reviewers have described our website as ‘startlingly fresh’ and our approach as ‘utterly unique’. And we couldn’t agree more! We wanted to provide the general public with something fresh and different. And, of course, fun!

wunderino (1)We succeeded by coming up with a regular event we host online, called “hunts”. They are riveting. Every day there is a new one where you can win an assortment of awesome prizes. These are announced two days in advance. It is really easy to participate. You will be going up against other Wunderino players in this daily quest. You can choose to play from several games we offer, depending on what your favourites are. Your goal is getting the best single multiplier of the day.

You don’t even have to opt in, we automatically enrol you in the current hunt once you place a bet of at least 0.40 Euros on any of our games. We have a Top Hunters leaderboard where you can find where you rank. The hunts last 24 hours with start time at 00:01 CET time and finish at 23:59 CET of the same day.

So What Is a Multiplier?

A multiplier win is the number of times larger your win is, in comparison to the bet you laid down. If you strike a big win on any of our games you will receive in addition an extra 1 point on the leaderboard. It’s all about the wins. Big wins are those that have a net win of 10 or larger than the initial bet that you laid down.

Want to Win One of Our Wunderino Hunts?

Then you need to get to the top of the leader board. Simply put you need to strike the largest single win multiplier on that specific day. We will update whatever your highest multiplier win of the day is. The hunts are all fair. Everyone has an equal chance of winning!

You can see where you rank in the hunt by taking a look at the Top 20 prize winning positions and the Top 20 multiplier-score. This information is accessible at all times on the Top Hunters leaderboard.

Another example of how we treat all players equally is that in the event of a tie the winnings will be split – we do not favour one player over another.

We respect and honour your privacy. The only details that need be shown on the leaderboard are the initial of your first name and surname. And if you win a daily prize, you will receive a private email from us.

We offer a variety of games including slots, jackpots, as well as various table games. No matter what your preference is, you are sure to find it here!

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