Wunderino – Paying in Deposits and Receiving Withdrawals

EEfFexU6 (1)Here at Wunderino we want you to feel safe and secure. Not only do we take your privacy seriously, but we also ensure that your money is safe at all times. We provide the same payment options as any trustworthy casino.

Depositing Money

To add funds to your Wunderino account, start by clicking on the ‘Deposit’ button. The next page will show you the available methods for doing so from your own country.

The process comes with specific steps that are to be followed properly in order to complete it. If your deposit fails, check that you provided the correct password or code for your Maestro, Mastercard, Trustly, Paysafe or Visa card (these are the accepted circuits on Wunderino). Also, make sure that you have enough funds in your bank account to cover the deposit. You will be surprised to learn just how many members have their deposit process fail because they do not have sufficient funds! If you have gone through those first two steps and still have problems, then check if your card has a spending limit or block for online or international purchases.

We will charge a fee for certain deposit methods. This will be explained clearly on the dedicated page.

If the credit is processed but is not showing in your account, first check with your bank. If it has definitely gone off your account, we recommend you contact us and we will get in touch with the relevant payment processor in order to solve the issue.

To help you play responsibly, we have set up a ‘deposit limit’ function. This puts a cap on how much you can put into your Wunderino account either daily, weekly, or monthly. The limit is set by you and can only be changed by giving a notice.


Withdrawing money from your Wunderino account is a wonderfully simple process. Start by clicking on the menu icon in the top right of the page, then click on ‘Withdrawal’. It is recommended that you draw away any money using the same method that you used to deposit it.

Methods for withdrawal will differ from country to country. New modes may also be added from time to time. If you are uncertain as to which one is best for you to use, you are welcome to contact us and we will be happy to assist. We offer support via email and live chat.

We will charge a withdrawal fee for certain methods over others, but know that all bank withdrawals are free. You will find said fees laid out very clearly on the Withdrawal page.

Our aim is to get your winnings to you as soon as possible, with your money in your chosen account within 24 hours on weekdays. The length of time for this process, however, is dependent on a few factors. Firstly, the method you choose for your withdrawal will affect how quickly you receive the money. Secondly, your withdrawal first has to go through a review and be approved. Multiple reviews are performed daily, and we may require documents from you.

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